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Subnautica Multiplayer Mod: how to install Nitrox

The big Nitrox Update just released. Here’s how to install it!

Today we’re going to cover the install process of the Subnautica multiplayer mod Nitrox. The developers of the mod just released a brand new update. Version brings a bunch of bug fixes, improvements and a whole new launcher.

If you’re interested in all the changes in the latest version of the mod, then be sure to read our article covering all the new features in this release.

Let’s get started!

Important: make sure you already own Subnautica on one of the compatible stores (Epic Games or Steam). Microsoft Store is currently not supported, but the developers are working on it!

Here is the basic installation guide of Nitrox:

  • Download Nitrox from the website: https://nitrox.rux.gg/download
  • Create a new folder and unzip the archive to it.
  • Open Steam or Epic Games and verify your game installation
  • Run the NitroxLauncher.exe
  • Go to Options and confirm your Subnautica installation path

Play Subnautica multiplayer

If you want to join your friend’s Subnautica multiplayer server, simply follow these steps

  • On the Nitrox Launcher, select the blue play button
  • Once ingame, choose the Multiplayer option
  • Select add server and enter the IP address from your friend
  • Finally, enter your player name and pick a colour
  • Done!

Host a Subnautica multiplayer server

Hosting a server is also very easy, as the latest version features UPnP. Meaning you do not need to configure any router settings! If you have a firewall or router that doesn’t support UPnP you can alternatively port forward or use a service such as Hamachi.

  • Select the server tab
  • Decide for a docked or external console (Only visual difference)
  • Press start server
  • Give your IPv4 address to your friends!

Closing thoughts

With the latest version of Nitrox, the mod is further enhancing the multiplayer experience and continuing to innovate with great features that make it even easier for you to play Subnautica together with your friends.

Are you a developer? Consider contributing to the open source project on GitHub.

Join the Nitrox Discord Server or follow Nitrox on Twitter for more updates.



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