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Xbox One Chatpad Review in 2022

Xbox’s discontinued Chatpad makes for a great companion.

One of the 360’s most popular accessories brought to the Xbox One in 2015 and quietly removed from Microsoft’s store in 2019. How does the Xbox One Chatpad hold up three years later where the Series X and S are the latest consoles?

Setup and usage

Being an official accessory, setting up the Xbox One Chatpad with the new Series X was absolutely no problem. I simply had to connect it to my controller and it was already ready to use. Unlike third-party solutions you do not need any sorts of USB adapters or to charge it.

Using the Chatpad felt like I am back at home, especially for sending quick DMs the entire text field experience was so much better. Also for just navigating the UI, entering in login information, browsing the web with the new Edge browser or searching for videos. Everything just got so much faster and fun to do, rather than trying to find each letter with the dpad.

Another one of my favourite features has to be the backlight. It only lights up when you are typing and stays active for a couple of seconds afterwards.

And if you’re using an older Xbox One controller it adds a regular 3,5mm Stereo headset jack adapter as an added in bonus. Included in the box it also comes with a simple Xbox chat headset if you do not already have one. Although when using something like the Xbox Wireless Headset or Astro A40 you don’t need it.

The only thing that is a downside is that now they are discontinued it makes it really quite hard to find. The best bet is to check local marketplaces or sites like eBay for a second hand unit.

But if you can find an Xbox One Chatpad a fair price, it makes for an excellent accessory. It connects flawlessly to the latest regular and elite controller and just works with the latest next gen consoles or Windows 10 PC.


Even years after it's launch the official Chatpad still makes for an excellent accessory together with the latest next gen consoles which works flawlessly with the Series X and S.



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