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What’s new in Nitrox

Find out the latest of the community favourite mod Nitrox.

The latest release version of the community favourite Subnautica Multiplayer Mod Nitrox. It features a large amount of improvements, discord integration, fixes and a new launcher design.

New Nitrox Launcher

A brand new launcher design has been released in the latest version of the Nitrox mod. A sleek UI with a focus on quick access to play, host servers, and brand new sections to connect with the community and read developer blog! Furthermore the launcher comes with a brand new feature: built in launcher update checker. The goal is to make it convenient and easy to see if updates are available and read the changelogs.

Discord invite system

Another innovation with the latest version of Nitrox is the implementation of the Discord game invite system and in game overlay. You can easily invite your Discord friends directly to your Subnautica Multiplayer session!

Streamer settings

Now you can stream safely, by enabling the streamer options in the menu. You can choose to hide your public IP address, and also to mute the chat messages.

Further Nitrox enhancements

  • Added a brand new launcher UI
  • Reworked Discord integration with modernized UI
  • Save files will now use JSON format by default
  • Temporary workaround for vehicle stuck on nothing (exit and enter the vehicle)
  • Disabled daynightspeed, speed and sub Subnautica commands
  • Improved performance and reliability with matrix computing
  • Improved help command to provide information over specific command
  • Improved sit animation and added multiple seats to bench
  • Improved UPnP support and added fallback for getting public IP
  • Improved clarity of IP messages in console
  • Improved game platform check (Steam, Epic, Discord, MSstore)
  • Improved sync of rocket stages and pre-flights checks
  • Improved sync of Subnautica events (Aurora, radio, …)
  • Added more translations (Danish, Croatian, Dutch, Czech, Polish, …)
  • Added sync for player goals on per-player basis (i.e: goals like collecting resources)
  • Added sync for blueprints scan progress
  • Added a join queue to server to improve reliability upon loading
  • Added a streamer mode options (hide IP, hide chat, …)
  • Added a server option to fully load the map upon server start (can take few minutes)
  • Added a server option to disable UPnP port forwarding
  • Added a way to customize launch arguments (like VR options)
  • Reduced instances of random errors while loading a save
  • Reduced instances of antivirus false positive
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles modules would not persist upon reload
  • Fixed a bug where Aurora could explode multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles color and name could desync
  • Fixed a bug where ion cubs would spawn stuck underground
  • Fixed a bug where wrecks and precursors bases were not fully loading
  • Fixed a bug where seaglides were loosing battery way too quickly
  • Fixed a bug where items were not well parented with other objects (wrecks parts, …)
  • Fixed a bug where using free-cam would spam logs with errors
  • Fixed a bug where cyclops sonar would be executed for every player
  • Fixed a bug where cyclops decoy launcher button cooldown wasn’t applied.
  • Fixed a bug where cyclops motor state sync could fail
  • Fixed a bug where lockers/signs labels could disappear upon restart
  • Fixed a bug where nitrox version label were disorienting in VR
  • Fixed a bug where you could get disconnected if you clicked on join button twice
  • Fixed a bug in joining menu where you could not join a server if you tabbed out
  • Fixed a bug where config file values could not be updated when properties were missing
  • Fixed a bug where config file could became invalid upon switching format with commands
  • Fixed a bug where you could leave your chair/bench while chatting (when pressing E key)
  • Fixed a bug where storage’s name wasn’t persisted
  • Fixed a bug where discord game platform wasn’t recognize
  • Fixed various random errors inside logs.
  • Removed limitation on port under 1024 (use it if you know what you’re doing)
  • Huge project cleanup and technical migrations (C#11, latest dependencies, …)

Source: https://nitrox.rux.gg/pages/changelog


Learn how to install the Nitrox mod in our detailed install guide. Download the mod from the official website.

Are you a developer?

Interested in coding? Consider contributing to the Nitrox project. It’s an open source community project and you can contribute to make the next version even better! https://github.com/SubnauticaNitrox/Nitrox



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