Enhancing Minecraft with Shaders is a great way to give a completely new look and feel to the game. Wether you want to simply spice up the graphics, or want to take stunning screenshots of your build, here are my picks for the top shaders in 2020, enjoy!

BSL Shaders

The BSL Shader is a stunning new pack, that allows for in depth customisation and tweaking to your liking. It enhances the game’s look without going too far from the original style, while giving you an amazingly smooth new lighting, water and natural colour overhaul.

The BSL Shader is one of the best shaders, allowing maximum customisation without sacrificing performance.

Download (bitslablab.com/)

Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders

Another very popular choice are the Slidur’s Vibrant Shaders. The vibrant shaders completely revamp the lighting system of Minecraft. It adds advanced shading effects such as god rays, volumetric lighting, bloom, ambient occlusion and reflections. All of this while still maintaining high performance.

If you’re looking for a very advanced shader with incredible lighting, Sildur’s Vibrant is definitely a great choice!

Download: (https://sildurs-shaders.github.io/downloads/)

SEUS Sonic Ether’s Shader

The SEUS is an exciting shader that is available in two versions. Choose between Renewed or Path Traced Global Illumination (PTGI). Renewed is best choice for getting optimal performance on your gaming PC, being one of the most realistic style shaders available.

The PTGI shader requires a powerful PC. It introduces ray tracing that is compatible with both GTX and RTX graphics cards from Nvidia and is going to offer the best visuals possible.

Download: (https://www.sonicether.com/seus/)

RudoPlays Shader

If you’re on the look out for a shader that doesn’t change the game like the previous ones mentioned, then RudoPlays might be good for you. It enhances the Minecraft experience by introducing a subtile lighting system, lovely optical flares and smooth water, while keeping the original look and enhancing it with a more welcoming look.

The shader also doesn’t require a high end PC either, and runs very well on low to mid spec builds.

RudoPlays shader is an excellent choice for experiencing Minecraft with gorgeous water shaders, and a smooth and bright familiar look and feel.

Download: (http://www.rudoplays.com/shaders/)

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