It’s better together, and the same goes for watching Netflix. In this time where #StayTheFuckHome are trending and very important, staying connected matters even more than ever and with this feature you’ll be watching your favourite series with your friends in no time. Is a chrome plugin, available for free, that allows you to create a virtual group to watch Netflix together, similar to a skype chat with all your friends.

The plugin Netflix Party automatically synchronises the video playback stream, so everyone in the group is watching at the same time in the series or movie. It also adds a group chat, so you can discuss and talk to everyone invited to the group.

Netflix Party website

Getting started with the plugin is also very intuitive, you simply need to install the Chrome addon, head over to Netflix and choose a series to watch, and then finally press the “NP” icon in the top right corner of your browser. This will generate a link you can send your friends to join your group.

Credit: Netflix Party Chrome Store