The popular Multiplayer Mod Nitrox has been released for the latest version of the Subnautica game.

Alongside the huge release, the team also debuted their official website. Featuring a direct download from the mod creators, a helpful wiki page and an intuitive “wizard” to guide players through the install process.

The last update of the Nitrox mod was back in April 2019 – according to the modders, the last release of Subnautica included a huge game engine upgrade, which made updating the mod a whole lot more complex.

Screenshot of the Nitrox Changelog. Credit: Nitrox Discord

Starting from today, players can download the Nitrox Mod for free from the official website, or the NexusMods page and enjoy playing Multiplayer together. Supported game versions are Subnautica purchased either through Steam or Epic Games Store.